By Colette

5 Jun 11, 2018

Fantastic job

I went in with my husband when he went to get his hair cut. I loved the way Mariam was cutting his hair and I wondered what she would do with mine so I asked her....she asked what I would like and I told her that I wanted to know what she would do....told her a little about myself and she told me what she would see for me and oddly enough, it was something I had wanted for quite some time....I wanted my hair quite short. She happened to be free so I asked her to do it right then and there. I was happy with it from the start and I have had many compliments from my family who say that it fits my face and is young looking. They really like it. So if you want something new, ask Mariam. Even if you want the same thing, she is really good at cutting hair and doing it to fit your face.