Sebastian Professional Twisted

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By Tappa Hair Salon & Beauty Bar

5 Feb 8, 2020

Air Dry And It's So Soft - It's Crazy

From: Stephanie Benoit I used that twisted stuff this morning and let it air dry then ran my fingers through it! Pretty curly 😉 My hair is so soft, its crazy!!!

Sebastian Professional Twisted Line

Discover our Twisted line of care and styling with Flexi Alg™ Complex - the world’s most powerful lineup of products dedicated to curls. In the hidden depths of the oceans, underwater plants evolved and developed a unique bio mechanism to flexibly follow the waves of the oceans. One of them: the red seaweed.

Sebastian introduces Flexi Alg™ Complex, a breakthrough technology with carrageenan - red seaweed extract - to infuse curls with the same elasticity of underwater plants to resist the stress of elemental forces. A special blend of Carrageenan, Panthenol and Glycerin to bring elasticity, bounciness, moisture, definition and anti-frizz protection to curly hair.